Mental health disorders affect some 20% of all North Americans. Debilitating for the suffering individual, disrupting one’s ability to engage in a full, productive and functional life.

  • Identify effective complementary approaches
  • How to safely integrate orthomolecular therapy with mainstream medical approaches to improve treatment outcomes.
  • Learn about the most essential substances that can augment and often replace mainstream treatments
  • Know the benefits, side effects and potential risks of complementary interventions
  • Know when to refer to other healthcare providers when there is a lack of treatment response and/or when the case is too complex

ANXIETY & DEPRESSION – Explore Effective Complimentary Approaches

All of us, because we are humans, have, at some point in our lives, had periods of depression, and periods of anxiety. Mental health issues are often stigmatized. There is a lot of shame, a lot of embarrassment, a lot of suffering in silence that is associated with having something that involves our mind. We can all empathize with the plight of someone who has a mental health issue. The reason they have it is very complex. It is interfering with their production in their daily life, with their ability to do the things they want to do.They are just not happy. Whatever you can do to assist that person is tremendously important because these patients need all of our help. If you can impact one person, you have probably impacted 100 people. From one person benefiting from your treatment, you are helping their family, their place of employment, and all of their relationships. I do feel that we can offer them a tremendous amount of help.



Presented By:

  1. Jonathan E. Prousky, BPHE, BSc, MSc, ND

    Dr. Jonathan E. Prousky graduated from Bastyr University (Kenmore, WA) in 1998 with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. He furthered his clinical training by completing a Family Practice Residency sponsored by the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. His pre-medical training was completed at the University of Toronto where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physical and Health Education. In 2008 he obtained a Master of Science degree in International Primary Health Care from the University of London, which focused on clinical epidemiology and evidence-based research. Currently Dr. Prousky is Chief Naturopathic Medical Officer and Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Author of: Hoffer & Prousky on Anxiety and Anxiety: Orthomolecular Diagnosis and Treatment.

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