New Year’s Resolutions

“I Resolve…”


A brand new year, a new page, a fresh start! As we say farewell to 2020, a difficult, unusual, and introspective year, we ask ourselves to commit to making major changes. For many, it is a desire to lose weight, begin an exercise program, or kick an addiction or habit, like alcohol, drugs, or sugar. We are determined to be different. We are actually saying that there is something wrong with us – that we need fixing.


Losing weight is one of the most common resolutions and one that often fails year after year. We realize that we need a plan. But not just any plan. We may begin by asking ourselves the following questions:


Why do I want to do this? To look better? To be healthier? To have more energy? To fit into my clothes?
What am I prepared to give up? Sugar? Carbs? Snacks? $$$?
Who can help me? A weight loss group? A nutritionist? A gym?
When will I begin? Today? Tomorrow? Next week?


As a natural nutritionist, I would suggest an alternative approach. By having you complete an intake questionnaire, I would be able to assess your body’s nutritional deficiencies. A full history and consultation would inform me of your past health issues, any familial genetic diseases, medications, and current symptoms and/or medical diagnoses. This would allow me to make recommendations as to supplements, remedies, and lifestyle changes and to create a diet plan specifically for you. I would see you approximately every six weeks and offer my continued support. We would work together to help you achieve and maintain your goals in a healthy and safe manner.


Changes take time and none of us are perfect. By asking ourselves the Who, What, Why, When questions, we can examine our thought patterns regarding the changes that we want to see and our confusion as to how to achieve them. This understanding will offer us a much better chance for success.


By working as a team with the same intentions and the right type of support and no judgement, occasional missteps will not derail your success. It is all about moving towards your goals, one day at a time – not an all or nothing approach.

Gilda By Line11