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What to do when the cancer is “gone”?

  • Cellular and Intracellular Detoxification
  • Examining diet Philosophies
  • Unlocking the Emotional Conflict
  • After the treatment, it is important to clean up the terrain and the source of the dis-ease to prevent the return of cancer.
  • This seminar will focus on specific diet plans, targeted supplementation, cleansing, drainage and detoxification.

Cancer Management with Confidence Part 2 -“We Got It All” 

We are going to look at once the client has finished their active treatment and is out of the woods; ie ‘all clear’. What needs to be done now, in a preventative point of view, to keep the cancer from coming back? What are our goals and how do we want to proceed? It is really important for the client to decide what approach they would like to take and then support them in their choice. 


Presented By:

  1. Lynne Hinton, BSc, BEd, ROHP, CHCP
  2. Marlene Marshall, CNP, ROHP, CHCP
  3. Gilda Rovan, BA, DIHom(Pract), ROHP

Includes printable PDF PowerPoint notes and a Continuing Education Certificate.

FEE: $35.00 CDN – With 90 days unlimited access
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