How food affects your hormones | Nutritional Preceptorship Program | NPP Webinars

How what you put into your body affects your hormones!

  • How to stop hot flashes and night sweats
  • How stress affects weight
  • Which nutrients help you sleep
  • How to get your energy back
  • Low thyroid and hormones
  • Help stop hair loss
  • The secret to beautiful skin
  • The secret to halting bladder incontinence
  • Discover if you need bioidentical hormones
  • Treating endometriosis, PMS, fibroids, breast lumps, ovarian cysts and more


Hormones is a big topic. I want to focus on how food affects hormones. It is something that our doctors really are not taking into consideration, especially when they have women in front of them with polycystic ovarian syndrome, women in menopause, women with all of the estrogen dominant type conditions. I will talk about our food and how contaminated our food source is with man-made hormones which are really disrupting our male and female hormones – not just in women, but in men and in our children as well. I will talk about the key nutrients that are found in the food that we eat and how they can balance your hormones, detoxify your hormones, or increase your hormones.



Presented By:

  1. Lorna Vanderhaeghe, MS

With degrees in biochemistry and nutrition, Lorna is the author of eleven books. In 2009, she won the Canadian Health Food Association’s most prestigious award, the Hall of Fame Award. She has a free monthly newsletter at her website 

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