Online Live and Recorded Webinars – each designed to educate about Natural Therapies focusing on imbalances and deficiencies related to health issues. 
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Navigating RA – A Path to Wellness and Empowerment

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The Nutritional Preceptorship Program was established in 1997 to provide a tutorial mentoring for health practitioners.  It is designed to fast-track the conversion of nutritional theory into clinical practice, through skill building, by observation of real life case studies or through Webinar presentations. Each session offers printable handout(s) and a Certificate of Attendance.

Our Mission: Empowering practitioners, through our Webinars, to achieve optimal health for both themselves and their clientele through shared knowledge and experience.  In other words – our goal is to save you the many years it took us to get to this point. 


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Alzheimer’s & Dementia

One of the fastest growing health concerns: Preventing this degenerative process.

Adrenal Fatigue

Beyond Fight or Flight: Learn the cause, signs, symptoms, and discover what came first


Multiple allergies indicate an overactive immune system and poor liver function.

Brain: Regenerating the Brain

Improve Brain Function No Matter The Diagnosis: How we can Change the Brain

Building a Healthy Child

How Their Immune System Develops & Childhood Diseases

Cancer Part 1: Management

Understanding the Root Causes & Supporting with Confidence

Cancer Part 2: Management

What to Do When the Cancer is “Gone”? Cleaning Up the Terrain to prevent its return

Dental Health Matters

If you don’t see an improvement in health, always look at the mouth. It reveals your secrets.

Diabetes 1 & 2

Diabetes is on the rise and progressing rapidly. Learn how to address the root cause


Inflamed, Itchy, Inflammatory Disease: Underlying Causes and Protocols That Work

Heart & Stroke

Unique Risks and Symptoms: A Woman’s Heart is smaller & needs special care

Hormone Imbalance ♀

Through the feminine life cycle Including Thyroid, Adrenals, Puberty, PMS, & Menopause

The Immune System

Enhancing and Understanding the Immune System & Autoimmunity


Why Can’t I Conceive? From Infertility to Pregnancy, “Naturally”

The Kidneys

Urinary Tract, Medical Testing, & Chronic Conditions, i.e., UTI, Cystitis, & Kidney Stones

The Liver

This vital organ holds the key to Detoxification, Weight Loss, Chronic Conditions & more

Medical Blood Testing

Understanding Lab results & their connection to the Symptomatology


Underlying issues & Rebuilding the bones thru Nutrition & Remedies

The Prostate

Hormonal connections, powerful prevention, and natural options

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Navigating RA – A Path to Wellness and Empowerment

The Skin

Reflection of our body’s interior state of health, Skin issues, & Anti-aging

Thyroid Issues

Understanding Thyroid issues, Root Causes, & Key Recommendations

Ulcer & Digestive Issues

The Inner Pathway to physical and emotional health and where most diseases begin

Vaccination Protocols

Whether you do or you don’t, these protocols will support either decision

           HEALTH 101 SERIES, BY GILDA, LYNNE & MARLENE – $20.00 each

Immune Health 101

How to enhance, repair and rebuild the Immune System

Digestion 101

How to enhance, repair and rebuild the bodies Digestive System.


Anxiety and Depression

Presenter: Jonathan E. Prousky, ND
Explore effective complimentary approaches

Fats Fiasco

Presenter: Paul Demeda, CNP
Balancing the body’s need for good fats

How Food Affects Hormones

Presenter: Lorna Vanderhaeghe, MS
Change your diet, balance your hormones

The Ketogenic Diet for Cancer

Presenters: Lynne Hinton and Sue Skillins
What is the research saying?

The Effects of Lead

Presenter: Dr. John Gannage MD
Historically and chemically linked to current health issues


Lyme Disease

Helke Ferrie, author of “Ending Denial”

Turning Back the Aging Clock

By David W Rolland, Ph.D, (Nutr)

Un-junk your junk food!

Andrea Donsky, RHN

Exciting New Vitamin Company Free Webinar


by Yves Yau, Former President of Seroyal International



Listen to your body; it is trying to tell you something!

Holistic Practitioner’s Toolkit

Research: “Which product lines work best?”

Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner (CHCP)

Unlike any other course available!

founders photo done

SYNCHRONICITY: Gilda and Carola met briefly in 1985, when they each ran traditional weight loss companies, for an interview with a Toronto Star reporter – 12 years before NPP was conceived.





        A group of recent graduates and nutrition students gathered in a nutritionist’s home to discover the best way to create a proper nutrition practice. Where should we begin with each client? How could our initial consultation include recording their medical history, analyzing their deficiencies, and creating an individualized protocol for their complaints? We had absorbed a great deal of information in our courses but very little about which nutritional products to recommend and how to address our clients’ issues using these remedies and supplements in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes. We were extremely fortunate to find experts in our field willing to work with us.  Shelley Harris met with us, initially, and introduced us to professional products that would give us the best results. After our first meeting, we all agreed that we needed to meet on a regular basis.


         Our mentor, Carola Barczak, one of the first holistic nutritionists in Ontario, was brilliant. Each month, Carola would bring in a new client and replicate ‘the first visit’ – interpreting the results of their Nutribody Questionnaire, asking the questions that would best elicit a complete medical history, and, ultimately, making the first month’s recommendations – all in the first 90-minute visit! We also had Lynne Hinton providing Live Blood Cell Analysis onsite. Carola taught us how to begin with each client, which issues to focus on, and which product lines would give us the best results. As recipients of Carola’s vast knowledge and novices in this field, Gilda, Lynne and Marlene knew what it was like to be starting out with feelings of “not knowing enough”. By attending the NPP meetings, they grew to appreciate what would be most useful for new and existing practitioners. It was out of this general need for Knowledge, Experience and Support that, in September, 1997, the Nutritional Preceptorship Program was born.