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  • The structure and function of the kidneys and the organs of the urinary system.
  • How the kidneys manage whole-body homeostasis, regulation of pH, fluid volume and blood pressure in concert with the endocrine system.
  • Symptoms of reduced function, chronic conditions and disease: UTI, Cystitis, Kidney stones, Glomerular and Pyelonephritis.
  • An understanding of Laboratory Testing & Analysis – what to look for and what they indicate.
  • Suggested lifestyle and dietary protocols: biotherapeutic drainage, homeopathic remedies & supplementation.

THE KIDNEYS – How the kidneys manage whole-body homeostasis

The kidneys are vital to our overall health. We are born with two but can live and function with just one. Small or even mild declines in kidney functions, as much as 30-40%, would actually not be that noticeable. It does take a substantial decline in kidney function for people to become aware that there is an issue. Some people are born with only one kidney but can still lead a normal, healthy life. You might find infrequent or inefficient urination and swelling, especially around the ankles. Many women have this issue and assume they have been consuming too much salt. It can be indicative of a more serious problem. Another symptom could be laboured breathing due to fluid accumulation in the chest. A single symptom will not give you the answer. Medical testing for kidneys, because a person can have kidney disease without any symptoms, is important. A doctor may first detect the condition through routine blood and urine tests. The National Kidney Foundation recommends three simple tests to screen for kidney disease; a blood pressure measurement, a spot check for protein or albumin in the urine, and a calculation of glomerular filtration rate, the GFR, based on a serum creatinine measurement. Measuring Urea Nitrogen in the blood provides additional information (BUN test).



Presented By:

  1. Lynne Hinton, BSc, BEd, ROHP, CHCP
  2. Marlene Marshall, CNP, ROHP, CHCP
  3. Gilda Rovan, BA, DIHom(Pract), ROHP

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